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Pain Free Dental Procedure – Technology

Picasso Lite Plus Dental Laser

Laser dentistry enables practitioners to manage soft tissue procedures in a clinically effective manner producing results which are generally more predictable reducing patient post-op pain and discomfort.

Using the laser consistently enables the practitioner to administer fewer local anesthesias which are better all around for both dentist and patient.

Lasers can be used effectively and efficiently on various soft tissue procedures.

Laser Dentistry has rapidly emerged with a new level of quality care for patients. Features like the ability to perform more procedures in less time without sacrificing patient care and comfort are an added advantage. A wide range of dental practice specialties and their patients benefit from laser treatment.

For instance, lasers can be used around metal crowns, on patients with pacemakers and braces, on teeth with metal amalgams, and in procedures involving bone structure – all with few negative effects.

Patients report that laser treatments are much gentler than those administered with an electrosurge and result in little or no recession, swelling, less necrosis, and a quicker post-op healing process.

Additionally, laser surgery is substantially less invasive therefore generates less bleeding during the procedure. Lasers are predictable, precise and produce a reduction in the need for suturing.

Piezotome Solo (LED) Ultrasonic Bone Surgery

The Piezotome Solo integrates the most powerful, reliable and safe components dedicated to ultrasonic pre-implant surgery.

This wonderful device offers greater comfort for both patient and practitioner with a secure and effortless cut, better tactile sense and reduced post-operative pain.

Piezo-ultrasonic surgery offers non-traumatic surgery with ease and an almost blood-free operative field. Some additional benefits include faster healing with significantly less swelling, pain and complications.

Ultrasonics like the Piezotome Solo induce a more rapid onset of healing and faster healing.