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Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner

We recognise that for many of our patients, the process of taking the impressions needed to shape implants, orthodontic appliances or reconstructive treatment can be a challenge.

Many people find impressions uncomfortable and may even gag. We are eager to make every aspect of the interventions we offer our patients as pain-free and straight-forward as possible, which is why we’ve invested in the Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner.

A hi-tech alternative to traditional impressions, the scanner works by taking a series of videos and still images which together form a high-quality image of the patient’s mouth.

Sent to laboratories that make dental implants and similar, the images can be used instead of impressions to create accurate, high-quality orthodontic and dental solutions.

Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner

The Most Comfortable Experience

No more gagging. No more putty-filled impression trays.

Say hello to the latest in intraoral scanning technology. See the CS 3600 in action during your next visit!


The Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner at Pain Free Dental has Many Advantages

One of the main benefits for our patients is the enhanced comfort which the scanner brings. There’s no need to have impressions made – your dentist will simply use the scanner to take pictures of the existing teeth, enabling the lab to build suitable braces, implants or other interventions.

The scanner offers excellent accuracy and is completely non-invasive. Because the information obtained by the scanner is transferred digitally, images can be rapidly sent to the lab for initial consideration.

If there are any problems with the images, the lab can let your dentist know then and there, enabling fresh images to be taken without the need for a further appointment. This is a clearly far less traumatic than needing one or more sets of impressions!

Fabricating Virtual Images of your Teeth!

The Intraoral Scanner combines the images it takes with powerful software, resulting in a highly accurate, digital impression of your mouth. This information can be transferred digitally to any third party, enabling us to share your data with other professionals, including the laboratory where your implants or other dental appliances will be made.

The imaging and transfer process is very fast – we can literally create the imagery of your mouth, send it to the lab and get confirmation that it’s of a suitable calibre to be used to create your new dental aid in a single appointment!

No more waiting around for weeks for your treatment to move forward. The scanner doesn’t use X-rays; it also doesn’t use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Simply by taking appropriate imagery, the Carestream can create a virtual reconstruction of your mouth that’s often perceived to be better than the one clinicians can obtain from taking impressions.


Different Heads for your Convenience

No two people are exactly the same, which means that a scanner head that’s appropriate for one may not suit another. The CS3600 Scanner comes with different heads, enabling your practitioner to pick the one that’s right for you.

It also means that we can undertake paediatric scanning and scan tender mouths belonging to patients who may be in too much discomfort to tolerate traditional impressions. The scanner is also highly portable, so your dentist can carry out the procedure where you are – there’s no need to change rooms or be otherwise disrupted.

Saving you Time and Money on Dental Care Southern Highlands!

Obviously, appointments cost money, so it makes sense to have as few as possible. Scanning is much faster than impressions and requires far less preparation. When time is money, the Intraoral Scanner has the potential to reduce your dental bill. We know that there are plenty of places our patients would rather be than in the dentist’s chair!

Using this scanner cuts down the number of appointments you need for your treatment and reduces the risk of repeat appointments being needed to get the right information for the lab. Because we can check the lab has the images they need to make your implants or orthodontic appliance correctly, the risk of unwanted delays is minimised.

Investing in Carestream technology means that many of our procedures are now faster and more streamlined, saving our patients time and money at every stage of their treatment schedule.

Widening the Treatment Options for our Patients

Before we purchased the Carestream CS3600, some of our patients were unable to get the treatment they needed promptly, as their mouth wasn’t in a suitable condition to take impressions.

This delayed their intervention and potentially left them in discomfort for longer. Because the Carestream needn’t actually touch the teeth in order to take appropriate images, it can be used for patients who simply can’t tolerate impressions.

Because X-rays aren’t involved, it’s also suitable for patients who may not be able to tolerate radiation for medical reasons. By investing in the Intraoral Scanner, we’ve opened up faster, more comfortable treatment to more patients than ever before.

A Hi-tech Scanner Solution

The Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner is a cutting-edge piece of technology which showcases some of the best features currently available on the market when it comes to dental scanning.

The world of dentistry is always changing, with fresh equipment, treatment protocols and other advancements always coming on stream. The Carestream is just one example of the many ways that our dental practice in Southern Highlands stays up to date, bringing our patients the very best in dental technology.

Our aim is always to make things better for our patients, enabling them to enjoy comfortable, fast and effective treatment that’s also reasonably priced. By investing now in the equipment of the future, our practice is ensuring that we remain relevant, providing the very best treatment we can to all the patients that we serve.

Here at Pain Free Dental, we remain committed to offering premium dental care in the Southern Highlands, using high-grade equipment that gets the results you deserve. The Carestream CS3600 Intraoral Scanner is the latest addition to our range, offering a fast and efficient way of capturing clear, accurate images for use by laboratories, orthodontic specialists and other relevant professionals.

Far more comfortable and rapid than the time-consuming, messy and sometimes unappealing process of taking impressions, the Intraoral Scanner is hygienic, well-tolerated and recognised for its excellent results.

If your treatment plan involves implants, an orthodontic device or a similar intervention, we look forward to demonstrating just how effective this piece of technology can be when you attend your appointment.