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Pain Free Dentistry

No Pain, Lots of Gain

New Treatment For Anxious Patients

If you’ve ever felt anxious about going to the dentist we’re excited to offer you the latest in dental treatment care.

We understand that some people do get anxious about visiting the dentist, which is why you can now request a does of “Happy Gas” or Nitrous Oxide.

Our goal at Pain Free Dental Clinic is to make your visit comfortable and pleasant… we believe that you should leave our office with cleaner, healther teeth and we hope that you enjoy the visit!

Pain Free Dental now provides nitrous oxide while treating very anxious patients.

Nitrous oxide, sometimes called Happy Gas or Laughing Gas, is a colourless and odourless gas that causes relaxation and a mild feeling of euphoria. You will remain conscious but you’ll feel less concerned about the treatment you’re are receiving. You may even get the giggles!

The effects of nitrous oxide only last while you’re breathing in the gas through a special mask. The effects of the gas wear off quickly when the gas is stopped and many patients can even drive or head back to work straight away.

Going to the dentist is not the most inviting activity with many people putting off appointments for months or even years. It may be a daunting task due to previous painful incidents, bad childhood experiences or extreme discomfort during procedures. We understand your fears and have gone to great lengths to deliver pain free dentistry to our patients – there is no longer an excuse for putting off coming to the dentist!

At Pain Free Dental Clinic, we want to assure you we are here to help not to judge. Our objective is to restore your confidence so you can be relaxed during your dental treatments with a completely new attitude to dentistry in a comfortable environment. The majority of apprehensive patients can successfully control their anxiety through this caring approach.

Call us today on (07) 4755 2055 if you have any questions about a more relaxed way to visit the dentist.

However, if this approach is not enough, there are other options we can offer. We use two different methods and it’s up to the client to choose which one suits them.

Our Southern Highland clinic has perfected these pain free dentistry processes, allowing patients to leave with a smile, not a grimace.

  1. The Dental Wand: We have invested in the latest technology to guarantee a slow, steady injection without the sting. The magic behind this wand is that it is computer controlled and is so light that it allows the operator to rotate it for precise movement to carefully and safely glide into the gum tissue.
  2. Needle-free injections from INJEX: As the title suggests, adults and children alike can have safe, needle-free injections as part of your treatment. This means there is no pain and the numbness wears off quickly after you’ve left the clinic. Better yet, this system is much quicker than a regular injection so you can be in and out before you know it.

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For more information about our approach to pain free dentistry or make your first appointment, please call our friendly staff today on (02) 4868 1933.